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Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sponsorship for SMA Meetings

    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an SMA meeting. This is a great opportunity to share information with the membership and grow your business.

    Here are our guidelines for sponsorship:

    • The sponsor must be a business entity that supports or compliments the business of recruiting or human resources.
    • Application, payment, and short description of services suitable for publication on SMA website/meeting notices, received one month prior to the event.
    • You are welcome to sponsor up to 2 meetings per calendar year.
    • Optional: Add link to website on your business website, Linkedin profile, blog or other related business communications.

    Here is how you will benefit from being a sponsor:

    • You will be the only sponsor for the meeting. No other business or attendee will be allowed to promote their business before, during or after the meeting.
    • Opportunity to make a 5 minute presentation about your services at the beginning of the meeting.
    • Your sponsorship will be noted on the website and other promotional materials SMA sends out to promote the meeting you are sponsoring.
    • Distribute your promotional material at member tables during the meeting.
    • You are welcome to have a table in the meeting room and be available to our membership to talk more about your business.
    • You are welcome to collect business cards and solicit those people in the future.
    • One person from your business will be able to attend the meeting that you sponsor at no additional charge.

    The cost of sponsorship is $250.00

    Sponsorship Application